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1、 Dalmagro H J, de Arruda P H Z, Vourlitis G L, et al. Radiative forcing of methane fluxes offsets net carbon dioxide uptake for a tropical flooded forest[J]. Global change biology, 2019.【Gill、LI-7700、LI-7500、Eddypro】

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3、 D′ Acunha B, Morillas L, Black T A, et al. Net ecosystem carbon balance of a peat bog undergoing restoration: integrating CO2 and CH4 fluxes from eddy covariance and aquatic evasion with DOC drainage fluxes[J]. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 2019, 124(4): 884-901. 【EC】

4、 Pankratova N, Belikov I, Skorokhod A, et al. Measurements and data processing of atmospheric CO2, CH4, H2O and δ13CCH4 mixing ratio during the ship campaign in the East Arctic and the Far East seas in autumn 2016[C]//IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. IOP Publishing, 2019, 231(1): 012041.【7700/7200】

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6、 Qing-Yu J, Wen-Ying Y, Li Z, et al. Methane emissions from typical paddy fields in Liaohe Plain and Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China[J]. Environmental Research Communications, 2019, 1(1): 011006.【7700】

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9、 Zhang L, Cho S, Hashisho Z, et al. Quantification of fugitive emissions from an oil sands tailings pond by eddy covariance[J]. Fuel, 2019, 237: 457-464.【7700/7500A】

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11、 Zhao J, Zhang M, Xiao W, et al. An evaluation of the flux-gradient and the eddy covariance method to measure CH4, CO2, and H2O fluxes from small ponds[J]. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2019, 275: 255-264.【7700】

12、 Rodríguez J C, Pellat F P, Watts C, et al. Methane and carbon dioxide measurements using the eddie covariance technique in semi-stabled dairy cattle in Sonora, Mexico[J]. JOURNAL TERRA LATINOAMERICANA, 2019, 37(1): 69-80.【7700/7200】

13、 Negandhi K, Edwards G, Kelleway J J, et al. Blue carbon potential of coastal wetland restoration varies with inundation and rainfall[J]. Scientific reports, 2019, 9(1): 4368.【7500/7700、Gill】

14、 Zuo Y, Guo Y, Song C, et al. Study on Soil Water and Heat Transport Characteristic Responses to Land Use Change in Sanjiang Plain[J]. Sustainability, 2019, 11(1): 157. 【7500/7700、Gill】 

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18、 Zhang M, Xiao Q, Zhang Z, et al. Methane flux dynamics in a submerged aquatic vegetation zone in a subtropical lake[J]. Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 672: 400-409.【7700】



1、 Eichelmann E, Hemes K S, Knox S H, et al. The effect of land cover type and structure on evapotranspiration from agricultural and wetland sites in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, California[J]. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2018, 256: 179-195.[7700/7500/gill]

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4、 Tang A C I, Stoy P C, Hirata R, et al. Eddy covariance measurements of methane flux at a tropical peat forest in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo[J]. Geophysical Research Letters, 2018, 45(9): 4390-4399.【7700/7500】

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6、 Cahill A G, Ladd B, Chao J, et al. Implementation and Operation of a Multidisciplinary Field Investigation Involving a Subsurface Controlled Natural Gas Release, Northeastern British Columbia[J]. Geoscience BC Summary of Activities, 2018: 2019-2.[7200/7700]

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12、 Begashaw I, Johnson M, Komissarov A, et al. Methane Measurements with High-Precision Low-Power Low-Maintenance Closed-Path CH4-CO2-H2O Gas Analyzer: First Lab and Field Results[C]//EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts. 2018, 20: 1824.【7700】

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32、 Iwata H, Mano M, Ono K, et al. Exploring sub-daily to seasonal variations in methane exchange in a single-crop rice paddy in central Japan[J]. Atmospheric environment, 2018, 179: 156-165.【7700/7500】

33、 Nugent K A, Strachan I B, Strack M, et al. Multi‐year net ecosystem carbon balance of a restored peatland reveals a return to carbon sink[J]. Global change biology, 2018, 24(12): 5751-5768.【7700】

34、 Lee S H, Kang M, Kang N, et al. Haenam Paddy-field KoFlux (HPK) Site with Dry Direct-Seeding: Introduction[J]. Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2018, 20(1): 18-33.【7700】

35、 정현철, 최은정, 김건엽, 等. 벼논에서 open-path 와 closed chamber 방법 간 메탄 배출량 비교[J]. 환경생물, 2018, 36(4): 507-516.【7500/7700】

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44、 Pawlak W. Wpływ typu zabudowy na intensywność turbulencyjnej wymiany masy i energii w Łodzi–wstępne wyniki badań porównawczych z lat 2013-2016[J]. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, sectio B–Geographia, Geologia, Mineralogia et Petrographia, 2018, 72(2): 41-56.【7700】

45、 Viktoriia P. Methane flux dynamics in polygonal tundra investigated by the eddy covariance method[J]. 2018.【7700】



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